Alpha BRAIN vs Neurofuse: Which Stack Wins?

by Alexandra R

Alpha BRAIN and Neurofuse are two of the most popular nootropic stacks on the market. They each contain a diverse blend of ingredients, and there’s actually a decent amount of ingredient overlap (Vitamin B6,Vinpocetine, L-Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri, and some related choline-boosting compounds). Alpha BRAIN is Onnit’s flagship nootropic and has been on the mass market since around 2011, while Neurofuse is newer, though still somewhat of an established name in nootropics.

Alpha BRAIN vs Neurofuse

Onnit Alpha BRAIN and Neurofuse brain supplements compared and contrasted.

While our testers like both, we generally like these two stacks for different purposes. A main differentiator is the inclusion of caffeine in Neurofuse, making it a standalone energy stack that our testers often like taking by itself or for some reliable energy after lunch/in midday.

Alpha BRAIN, on the other hand, doesn’t contain the major stimulants that are often part of nootropic stacks, and our testers often pair it with their morning coffee for a complimentary boost. (We generally don’t recommend pairing Neurofuse with coffee depending on your caffeine tolerance, as that can be a lot of caffeine at once.) Each supplement contains compounds linked to long-term brain health, and both stacks also contain the stress-fighting adaptogen bacopa monnieri.

We like Neurofuse’s inclusion of Rhodiola, one of our favorite adaptogens and a potent nootropic/fatigue fighter on its own, along with bacopa.

While Alpha BRAIN contains no rhodiola, it’s no slouch in fighting fatigue and boosting mood. It’s got some less common ingredients not generally found in other nootropics, including multi-functional ac-11 and one of the more robust groupings of choline-based ingredients we’ve ever seen. In fact, Alpha BRAIN’s manufacturer has paid for two double-blind, randomized studies to test the supplement’s Alpha Brain Revieweffects, and both indicated a positive association between Alpha BRAIN usage and improved cognition.

While it’s always good to take manufacturer-funded studies with a grain of salt, these studies appear to have been conducted under sound conditions, and it’s something few nootropic makers outside of Onnit can claim. Neurofuse Review

Overall, our testers often turn to Neurofuse for quick-acting, sustained energy for a long workday or tough deadline. They’ve seen good results from daily usage, but most prefer to cycle on and off, as the effects seem to diminish slightly with time. (Read more about this supplement in our Neurofuse Review.)

Our testers tend to like Alpha BRAIN for longer-term, daily use and gradual boosts in memory recall and focus. (Though most of our testers still like cycling off nootropic supplements every few weeks to allow the body to reestablish a baseline).  Learn more about Alpha BRAIN in our full Onnit Alpha BRAIN review.

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