The Best Nootropic Combo for Nailing Productivity

by Chad M

Emails are piling up, projects are falling behind, and stress is mounting like snowfall. The testers here work high-stress, deadline-oriented jobs, and we started this site because we were fascinated by the world of nootropics and brain-enhancing supplements. The below stack has helped us get more done time and time again, all while fighting fatigue and boosting our memory recall (at least as we perceive it).

We’ve reviewed our fair share of duds (research before you buy!), but one stack that’s stood up for us time and time again is the combo of Lumonol and MagTech. Currently, they’re among the best nootropics we’ve tried.

Best Brain Stack Productivity

Lumonol is just about the fastest-acting nootropic formula we’ve ever tried. It’s got powerful brain boosters like CDP Choline and noopept (similar in effect but faster for us than piracetam), combined with an energy bend that includes guarana. It’s a pretty broad-spectrum stack, and we haven’t found a ton of benefit from stacking it with most other nootropic supplements.

Amplify Lumonol with Magnesium

MagTech by Natural StacksHowever, one big exception to that is MagTech, a blend of highly-absorbable magnesium compounds that have done wonders for our brain function and sleep. This product isn’t what you might expect on a list of top supplements for brain health; it’s actually a pretty straightforward magnesium stack. Many Americans (and people in Western countries in general) are magnesium-deficient, which can have negative ramifications for brain health and sleep quality. MagTech combines Magnesium L-Threonate, Magnesium Taurate, and Magnesium Glycinate into one supplement that supplies around 50% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium per serving, these forms are specifically good for absorption and use by the brain.

Another supplement, Neuro-Mag, is also a BrainWiz favorite but only contains magnesium taurate. Both rated high on our testers’ lists of top brain supplements. But overall, we see the sleep-boosting benefits more in MagTech, which is a definite plus. Most of our testers also experienced improved mood while taking MagTech, which in turn benefited their productivity.

Nootropics for Productivity

Nootropics for Productivity

All in all, the combination of Lumonol (click for best price) and MagTech (click for best price) is one of our favorites because it acts quickly, boosts focus in a long-lasting way, and improved our sleep quality after a long and stressful workday (note: we recommend taking Lumonol in the morning and not the evening). We also recommend staying within the manufacturer’s recommended dosages and timing; we did and were able to reap the benefits of both.

An Alternative, Caffeine-Free Stack for Productivity

Part of Lumonol’s potency comes from its caffeine/guarana content. If you’re sensitive to caffeine and are looking for something that boosted our testers’ productivity without stimulants, we’d recommend Nootrobox’s RISE. It’s a simple, straightforward combination of stress-fighting adaptogens bacopa and rhodiola, along with 300 mg of high-quality Alpha-GPC (our favorite choline source for nootropics).

We take RISE on a similar schedule to Lumonol, often in the morning, and because it’s caffeine-free, it pairs exceptionally well with coffee, whereas Lumonol + coffee can be too much for some people. And like Lumonol, RISE also go well with MagTech for a one-two punch that lasts most of us through the whole workday.

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  1. Can you do a review about Mind Lab Pro vs Lumonol? I want to see which one you deem as better or whether you think there both equally beneficial.

    • Sure! That is going to be a tough one though. We really like both. However, I believe we would have to side with Mind Lab Pro in that case. One of the main reasons is because the effect of Mind Lab Pro (focus and concentration) seems to work longer for me.

      • I feel like i asked this question in a deferent post in your website but the question is would i get the same result if i use the Mind Lab Pro supplement as a substitute for Lumonol supplement? What I’m asking is would i see the same result you all saw if i use Mind Lab Pro with Magtech or would it be better to take it without Magtech?

      • Another question, would it be better for me to take Lumonol with Magtech instead of Mind Lab Pro(If it doesn’t work well with Magtech)?

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