Alpha BRAIN vs Neuro Clarity: Is One a Better Nootropic?

by Wesley S

Neuro Clarity ReviewNeuro Clarity is an Amazon bestseller produced by Nutrition Essentials. While not the most well-known nootropic stack on the market, it combines some of the most common and popular brain-boosting ingredients with a few interesting twists, most prominently, St. John’s Wort.

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And like Onnit’s super-popular Alpha BRAIN and Alpha BRAIN Instant formula’s, it also contains noted adaptogen and popular nootropic extract bacopa monnieri. But when comparing these two stacks, what’s most important to keep in mind?

Alpha BRAIN vs Neuro Clarity

First, Neuro Clarity gets a nod for listing the exact amounts of each included ingredient, whereas many manufacturers choose not to (supposedly to keep their formulas proprietary and secret). While Onnit is a fairly transparent company in our experience, they keep the exact proportion of ingredients in many of their blends secret, as is the case with Alpha BRAIN and Alpha BRAIN Instant (which, interestingly enough, have slightly different amounts of their Flow and Fuel blends). Find out more about the difference between Alpha BRAIN Instant and their original formula in our full review.

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Alpha Brain ReviewOverall, though, our testers have generally preferred Alpha BRAIN to Neuro Clarity due to its potency and specific effects (at least for them). Several of our testers experienced increase feelings of calm with Neuro Clarity, but the cognitive boost was extremely mild at best. Alpha BRAIN, on the other hand, is one of their favorites for sustained mental energy and focus, and several of our testers experience a cumulative boost in memory and concentration when taking it for two to three weeks in a row.

Neuro Clarity may not be a bad option for those looking to take the edge off work anxiety, but when comparing these two stimulant/caffeine-free stacks, our testers say Alpha BRAIN wins out on actual nootropic effects.

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