Welcome to BrainWiz, your source for the world of nootropics, smart drug research, and tips for optimizing your brainpower.

BrainWiz was started by four friends working high-stress jobs, all of whom struggled to find a safe way to boost their mental performance. We tried every major brain-boosting supplement on the market, from state-of-the-art “stacks” to single-ingredient herbals. And after nearly a year of trial and error, we’re bringing our experience to you. Find out which supplements and brain hacks helped us overcome countless deadlines, work projects, and professional challenges, all while keeping our sanity.

We encourage you to explore the site and see what tips and supplements work for you. We’ve certainly got our favorites, but with four different reviewers and four different preference sets, we hope a varied perspective can help you make better decisions, and get you thinking and working better than ever!


Chad, Wesley, Alexandra, & Ming

P.S. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are not meant as medical advice or substitutes for medical advice. We are not doctors or medical professionals. It’s important to consult with a medical professional before starting a new supplement regime. 

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