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    Nootropic Reviews

    Noocube Review: The Ultimate Alpha Brain Alternative?

    Are you looking for a simple nootropic that isn’t loaded with stimulants? Noocube may be the best choice. It’s packed with almost all of my favorite nootropic ingredients (minus noopept) which made me very intrigued when I first got my bottle. In fact, you may notice that it is very similar to another very popular […]

    Neurogum Review: Does This Chewable Nootropic Actually Work?

    Looking for a quick “pick-me-up” without having to chug an energy drink or down a few supplements? Neurogum could be exactly what you’re looking for. While it seems too simple to work—caffeine, l-theanine, and b-vitamins packed into a piece of gum—it’s actually quite innovative and useful. In my review, I found it to be a […]

    Qualia Review: The Rolls Royce of Nootropics?

    Every once and a while a company comes along and releases a product that completely disrupts its industry. Apple did it to cell phones with the iPhone, Tesla did it to cars with the Model S, and the Neurohacker Collective has done it to nootropics with Qualia. Like you, I was researching the best nootropics […]

    OptiMind 90 Day Review — Pros, Cons, and My Final Thoughts

    I first reviewed OptiMind in 2016. Since then, the ingredients haven’t changed but the public interest has… It’s grown become one of the most popular nootropics on the market. In my initial review, I tested OptiMind for a full month (30 days). I do this to get an in-depth and personal account of what each […]

    Mind Lab Pro vs. OptiMind: Which One Of These Popular Nootropics Is The Right Choice?

    If you’re trying to decide between Mind Lab Pro and OptiMind, you’re probably a bit flustered. They are both two of the highest reviewed nootropics currently available. Not only that, they have somewhat similar ingredients. Which one is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. We’re going to break down each of […]

    New Mood Review: Can Onnit’s Supplement Help With Stress & Anxiety?

    If you’re familiar with Onnit’s popular nootropic, Alpha Brain, you also may have heard about New Mood. Whereas Alpha Brain helps take your cognitive performance to the next level during the day, New Mood helps you physically and mentally unwind when the day is over. Here at Brain Wiz, we are big fans of Alpha […]

    Featured Nootropic: LUMONOL

    Lumonol surprised us with the both the quality of cognitive enhancement and the speed with which it acts. Noopept leads a high-quality combination of nootropic ingredients with a great deal of synergistic interactions. While the focus and energy boosts were pronounced, in our review of Lumonol, the nootropic stack’s effect on memory recall was what really impressed us. Apart from a few instances of jitteriness, we felt no negative side effects.

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