Lumonol vs Alpha BRAIN: Which Stack Is Best?

by Ming C

Lumonol and Alpha BRAIN are two of the world’s most popular nootropic stacks, and each contains a broad range of ingredients designed to boost cognitive function and provide lasting mental energy. However, their respective manufacturers have taken very different routes in order to achieve those goals. While both are largely liked by the BrainWiz testers, they’re enjoyed by our testers for very different reasons.

Alpha BRAIN vs Lumonol

The main difference between Lumonol and Alpha BRAIN is evident from the ingredients on the label. While Alpha BRAIN is made from what Onnit calls “earth-grown nutrients” and features only all-natural ingredients, many of Lumonol’s most potent inclusions are synthetic. These synthetic molecules include noopept and picamilon, ingredients which our testers felt were very powerful and effective. They provided a very potent perceived cognitive boost, but our tolerance varied from person to person, and some of us were more sensitive to Lumonol than others. That’s why we suggested trying out a small starter dosage in our full Lumonol review.

And while Alpha BRAIN is completely caffeine-free, Lumonol does contain stimulatory ingredients, including guarana (which can contain 4x the amount of caffeine as coffee). The combination of stimulants plus fast-metabolizing ingredients like noopept made Lumonol one of the fastest-acting stacks we’ve ever tried; our testers usually felt the effects just a few minutes after ingestion (another reason why some of our testers only needed one pill to feel a boost). They also generally liked taking Lumonol on its own, without stacking in other nootropics or caffeine.

Find out how one of our testers felt after trying Lumonol for 90 days.

Alpha BRAIN, on the other hand, does not contain stimulants, and while many people experience a mental energy boost from taking it, it’s more of a gradual onset and greater mental endurance throughout the day. In our full Alpha BRAIN review, several of our testers mentioned they thought it paired well with their morning coffee. Alpha BRAIN Instant, Onnit’s new drinkable formulation, acts a bit quicker and has a slightly different concentration of ingredients than original Alpha BRAIN. (Read our Alpha BRAIN Instant review.)

Overall, our testers feel Lumonol is more directly “powerful” than Alpha BRAIN, and the combination of ingredients gives them energy and focus very quickly (though it’s worth noting different people may feel different effects from the ingredients, especially noopept). Alpha BRAIN isn’t necessarily mild-mannered, but its natural formulation is a bit less intense than Lumonol and is something more of our testers turn to every day as opposed to on days when they need a special boost. It’s worth noting that we do have several regular Lumonol users, and there’s some evidence the cognitive boost builds over time when taking either of these supplements.

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