My Go-To Travel Stack: truBrain, Rhodiola, and One Surprise

by Wesley S

My favorite nootropics for traveling always seem to be changing, partially because I’ll test new ones I like, partially because I feel like I’m constantly learning about what works well for me, and partially because the nature of my work travel changes from season to season. But right now, I won’t leave town without the following: truBrain, rhodiola, and a sort-of-surprising honorable mention supp I’ll describe below.

truBrain’s innovative, portable shot makes it an easy addition to my travel or toiletry bag (it’s also under 3 ounces, so it’s carry-on friendly). I enjoy the taste, it can be taken without water, and it includes caffeine and oxiracetam in its powerful, research-backed blend of nootropic ingredients. It’s not the fastest-acting nootropic I’ve tried, but as I mentioned in our review, it tends to increase my focus gradually throughout the day. For back-to-back-to-back meetings, it’s proven a valuable tool.

Rhodiola is a BrainWiz favorite, and when traveling for work I’ll either take this with coffee (instead of truBrain, which I take by itself) or in the afternoons if a stressful presentation or meeting is about to hit. It keeps me calm and boosts my mental energy for long days at away offices!

Honorable mention goes to Unfair Advantage, the Bulletproof stack of PQQ and CoQ10. A few ampules per day, again, and easy, travel-friendly delivery system!, gives me a combination mental and physical boost. My energy feels cleaner and slightly longer-lasting, just the sort of edge I want on the road (or running between airport terminals, etc.). I’ll normally toss a handful of the Unfair Advantage ampules in my bag before heading out the door, though this is also a supplement I often take daily in my normal life.

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