My Go-To Travel Stack: Alpha Brain and Smart Caffeine

by Alexandra R

Recently, we’ve received some requests for our favorite nootropics and stacks for traveling. My go-to travel stack is pretty simple: Alpha Brain and Smart Caffeine.

Alpha Brain is one of my favorite nootropics, and Onnit’s blend of earth-grown ingredients is one of my favorite supplements for staying calm, staying focus, and staying on top of my game. I go on a lot of 3 to 4 day business trips (some during weekends, some during the week), and I always appreciate having something consistent and tested in my corner to stay sharp. Alpha Brain does the trick for me, and I normally take it first thing in the morning with breakfast or coffee. I also notice I tend to sleep pretty well when I take Alpha Brain, and that’s always appreciated when bouncing around from conferences to hotels and back.

The other half of my nootropic travel kit is Smart Caffeine by Natural Stacks. This is an incredibly simple, straightforward combo of caffeine plus theanine; think of it as a better way of delivering caffeine, as the l-theanine smooths out the popular stimulant (in fact, Alpha Brain also contains l-theanine). I don’t necessarily take this every morning when traveling, but if I’m in a place where I can’t find good coffee (okay, I’m a bit of a coffee snob) or I find myself fighting a post-lunch crash, a single pill of Smart Caffeine can give me a convenient boost. I caution caffeine aficionados to not overdo it on Smart Caffeine, as I don’t think it’s smart to get carried away and taking a bunch of it. In place of coffee, and when coffee isn’t convenient or easily available, one pill works very well for me. There are a few other companies that make a similar combo, but Smart Caffeine hits well with quality and a very reasonable price point, making it my favorite of these.

Tune back in soon to find out what other BrainWiz testers like to travel with to stay on top of their games!

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