Lumonol vs Addium: Comparing Nootropic Stacks

by Alexandra R

There’s relatively little overlap between the formulation of Lumonol and Addium. While they both claim to enhance focus and brain performance, the makers of both supplements have chosen very different ingredient profiles to produce those results.

Lumonol vs Addium

Both supplements have proprietary blends, meaning that the exact quantities of each ingredient in their formulas are not disclosed. While this is a fairly common practice in the supplement industry, it makes it harder to compare the efficiency of formulas with similar ingredients.

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In the case of Lumonol vs Addium, the comparison is easier, since these two supplements only have a couple of ingredients in common, namely L-Tyrosine and caffeine. Both Addium and Lumonol rely on caffeine as a stimulant, but Lumonol’s caffeine largely comes from guarana, a plant that contains both more caffeine and more phytonutrients than coffee.

Lumonol Review

Lumonol combines well-researched nootropic  that are not only powerful, but also fast-acting, perhaps due to the inclusion of noopept in its formula, in a package that is a favorite of many of our testers. The combination of stimulants and fast-acting ingredients  makes the effects of Lumonol felt almost instantaneously. Another benefit of this formula is that its Energy Blend, while strong, did not result in a crash when we tested it out. Our testers also reported a wave of energy from Addium, but they were more likely to experience a crash, usually in the afternoon, once the caffeine wore off.

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In general, our testers prefer Lumonol for the observationally “powerful” formulation; they experienced few if any jitters and sustained energy when taking the supplement. While Addium did provide a boost of energy, some of our testers were disappointed with the relatively short duration of the pill’s effects, along with the abrupt dropoff in energy levels after a few hours.

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