Lumonol vs. OptiMind: Which Nootropic Stack Is Better?

by Alexandra R

At first glance, Lumonol and OptiMind have a few things and several ingredients in common, a fact we called out in our original OptiMind review. Since then, we’ve had a chance to test – and retest – both these nootropic supplements, and our opinions have generally stayed the same.

In a head-to-head matchup, Lumonol wins the Lumonol vs. OptiMind matchup because it gave us more sustained energies with fewer (practically no) jitters as compared to OptiMind’s formula.

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Lumonol vs OptiMind by Alternascript: What’s the Same

Both Lumonol and OptiMind are broad-spectrum nootropic stacks, meaning their formulas are designed around brain enhancement through a variety of pathways and synergistic interactions between the compounds. Both contain B vitamins and some compounds that influence choline metabolism in the brain, which is important in neurotransmitter function.

They also both contain caffeine sources (Lumonol’s comes from guarana) and l-tyrosine, a compound linked to mental performance under conditions of stress.

What’s Different About These Two Nootropic Stacks

Lumonol ReviewHowever, the differences between Lumonol (from Avanse) and OptiMind (from Alternascript) outweigh the similarities. Lumonol contains a bioavailable source of choline – Alpha GPC – to compliment its other choline-involved compounds. It also contains the compound Noopept, a Racetam-related compound that is potent and fast acting at relatively low doses. Lumonol is among the fastest-acting nootropics we’ve tried, though we do recommend starting with maybe a half dose to assess tolerance (and depending on your caffeine intake/tolerance).

OptiMind gave our testers some significant jitters, even when NOT paired with another caffeine source like coffee. It also contains some ingredients that we don’t feel are really living up to their full potential because of what’s missing (for example, a choline source to compliment Sulbutiamine).

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Individual experiences with these nootropic stacks will, of course, vary from person to person. To see what each of our testers said about them, get our full OptiMind review here and our full Lumonol review here.

We’ve also put together an article on when to take Lumonol for maximum effect, as well as how and when they stack it with a magnesium supplement for a longer-lasting boost in focus and productivity.

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