What’s the Best Brain Health Supplement Manufacturer?

by Keka Schermerhorn

When it comes to making brain supplements (also called nootropics), companies have a lot of options. Many supplement companies don’t own their own factories, in fact, that’s a very common reality in the world of supplement marketing and sales, since the high-tech facilities needed to make quality supplements are astronomically expensive. And we’ve outlined the best below, including video tours inside their facilities.

Brain Health Supplement Manufacturers

Most of these companies go to a brain health supplement manufacturer for white labeled or “contract” manufacturing; some bring existing formulas they want produced, while other aspiring supplement sellers are starting from scratch.

Below is a regularly-updated list of American-based companies that (mostly) provide turnkey solutions for supplement development and production, listed in alphabetical order. We’ll add new ones and remove old ones as appropriate.

Have experience (good or bad!) working with any of these companies or other manufacturers? Drop us a line at team [at] brainwiz.org. We want to hear what you have to say!

Ambix Laboratories

Where: Totowa, New Jersey

Ambix Labs has been around for nearly 50 years, making it one of the most experienced manufacturers in the supplement industry. Their East Coast-based operations are GMP registered and Kosher certified. They offer turnkey solutions and have an online inquiry/quote form here.

Boli Naturals

Where: Orem, Utah

Boli produces a lot of solid marketing content for people interested in using their white label and contract manufacturing services, including a series of semi-inspirational YouTube videos (one is embedded below highlighting their turnaround times). They have a very basic contact form located here.

Gemini Pharmaceuticals

Where: Commack, New York

Gemini has been operating for over 30 years. They can package up to 150,000 bottles per day in their Commack, New York facility, and they produce over 13 billion tablets and capsules every year. They also have extensive experience producing supplements for international markets. They have a basic contact form here. To take a look inside their facility, check out the short video embedded below.

GMP Laboratories of America

Where: Anaheim, California

GMP Labs has a 90,000 square foot facility in Anaheim, located within the Anaheim Center for Advanced Technology. They’ve been doing custom manufacturing since 1994 and have a large and regular presence and supplement industry events. They have a “New Customer Application” located here.

Health Advances USA

Where: Chula Vista, California

Founded in 2002, Health Advances USA has a very basic site without an official quote request form. These can be submitted to an email listed under Contact on their website.

Healthy Solutions

Where: Scottsdale, Arizona

Healthy Solutions is another supplement white label and contract manufacturer that markets by equipping people with knowledge on the industry. Their active blog has a lot of solid information regarding the industry and how to build a supplement company from the ground up using their services. The also have an online form for inquiries and quotes here.

Ion Labs

Where: Clearwater, Florida

Ion Labs is a Florida manufacturer of dietary supplements, over-the-counter liquids, pet products, and skincare products. They also specialize in brain support supplements and manufacturing (some highlights from their site: Brain Support, Memory-Focus, ADHD Support, Anti Stress, Brain Boost, and Mood Support, among other ingredients and formulations).  They allow quote requests and inquiries here.

Take a look inside their packaging process in the video below.

Makers Nutrition

Where: Hauppauge, New York

They say it right on their homepage: “Makers Nutrition wants to be your supplement manufacturer.” Makers offers everything from manufacturing and development to package design with 4-week turnaround. Makers accepts quote requests on their site here, where you can also upload a label or formula for a more accurate assessment.

Matsun Nutrition

Where: Murrieta, California

Matsun Nutrition specializing in liquid vitamins and supplements, so they may not be the best option for solid tablet manufacturing and development. They feature neurological support supplement capabilities prominently on their site, along with guides and ebooks about starting supplement companies from the ground up (with their help, obviously). They take care of label development and design as well, and they allow quote requests and inquiries here.


Where: Crawford, Nebraska

Nutrafill is 25 years old, making it pretty well established in an industry where many manufacturers have only come onto the scene in the last decade. They have a 30,000 square foot facility in Nebraska, and control of the company transitioned to entrepreneur and former Marine Dallas Boley in 2014. They have a fairly robust online quote form located here.

NutraScience Labs

Where: Farmingdale, New York

One of the coolest things about New York manufacturer NutraScience? They have a very active blog with useful information regarding the nutraceutical industry and manufacturing. They’re actually owned by TCH, the company better known as Twinlab. NutraScience allows quote requests online here.

NHS Labs

Where: Star, Idaho

NHS stands for Nutritional Health Sciences. This Idaho manufacturer does private label vitamins along with custom supplement development and manufacturing. They offer partners a rotating list of monthly specials on supplement wholesale and manufacturing. We’ve embedded a video below showing some work inside their facilities. For pricing and more info, they can be reached here.

NutriForce Nutrition

Where: Miami Lakes, Florida

One of the country’s largest and most respected private labelers, NutriForce Nutrition does it all: formulations, manufacturing, branding, GMP compliance, and more. Currently owned by Vitamin Shoppe, they manufacture around the clock and have a large team of researchers and manufacturing experts. They’re especially well known for their state-of-the-art SoftGel/omega oil manufacturing capabilities. NutriForce allows quote requests and inquiries here.

Take a peek inside the manufacturing for one of their in-house brands below.

Pure NSM

Where: Chula Vista, California

Pure NSM was founded by Oskar Thorvaldsson, and the California-based company specializes in supplements and beauty products. They claim to have specific experience manufacturing supplements promoting cognitive health, which they highlight on their site. Their quote request system is simply a sidebar on their site under the founder’s image.

Vitakem Nutraceutical

Where: Smithtown, New York

Vitakem does it all, from contract manufacturing and development to custom label design and more. Their motto is “It may be our laboratory, but it’s your company.” Check out a tour of their facility in the video below. They also have a quote request form here.

Vox Nutrition

Where: West Jordan, Utah

Vox claims to do everything as a one stop shop, including manufacturing, design, and even drop shipping and fulfillment. They are FDA Registered and GMP certified. They accept inquiries here, and you can tour their facilities virtually in the video below.

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