Stacking Nootrobox’s RISE and SPRINT: Is It the Ultimate Combo?

by Chad M

Hailed as the next big thing in nootropics, or at least the most consumer-friendly, California-based Nootrobox is using an influx of investor capital to release new types of brain-boosting supplements. That’s not to say the company doesn’t already have a solid lineup of products available: Its RISE and SPRINT supplements each use research-backed ingredients to give users consistent boosts, and generally, our testers have been fans. (The company is also extremely transparent with their ingredient amounts and sourcing, which is far too rare in the nootropic space.) But is it worth taking these supplements together?

Rise and Sprint Stacked

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The company’s two main nootropics are RISE, a combo of well-researched adaptogenic and cholinergic compounds, and SPRINT, which features the potent caffeine + l-theanine combo for sustained energy and no crash. We’ve reviewed each independently, but we’ve also been trying the two in tandem.

The company generally suggests taking RISE as the baseline, everyday brain booster, with SPRINT added in when you need an extra, well, boost. Read below to see what we thought of the pairing.

What Our Testers Say

“I really liked RISE but wasn’t the biggest fan of SPRINT on its own. However, when I took them together (RISE in the morning, SPRINT after lunch when I generally lag in energy), I liked what I felt. I’ve found out I really like the combo of rhodiola + Alpha-GPC + caffeine + theanine before, and stacking these two puts those compounds in a much more convenient package (as opposed to reaching for them individually and adding in coffee).”

“RISE keeps me calm and level-headed in the face of work stress, and it’s gradually becoming one of my go-to’s for regular use. I haven’t felt like I’m building a tolerance to it, and generally I think the effects are cumulative for me; I felt better the second week of taking it than the first, and so on. Adding SPRINT in is a nice touch, but I’m a coffee person, so generally I’ve got enough caffeine on hand to keep me going. I can see how it’s convenient, though.”

“I’m still a little skeptical that SPRINT lasts 6 hours for me, but it’s definitely at least as potent as coffee, and I like the addition of theanine, among other things. I took both these supplements on my last trip, when it would be tough for me to keep on my regular schedule or get coffee I liked, and they kept me productive and focused. A good combo for convenience and impact. Not compounds you can’t get elsewhere, but if you don’t like mystery ingredients or amounts, this is probably a good way to get started in nootropics.”

“I got the most benefit out of taking both RISE and SPRINT together with breakfast. One really hard days I needed coffee or another serving of SPRINT after lunch, but I’ve found this combo a solid way to start my mornings.”

Supplement Summary

Overall, our testers found the RISE + SPRINT combo convenient and reliable, though not overly innovative. That’s almost a relief, as the nootropic supplements space is filled with “proprietary” formulas we’ve tried and hated. We’re excited to see what Nootrobox releases next in their product line, and we hope they maintain the same level of transparency moving forward.

If you’re looking for another potent stack that includes Nootrobox’s RISE supplement, consider combining it with MagTech for an all-day boost in productivity.

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