Neurofuse vs OptiMind: Which Nootropic Supplement Is Better?

by Ming C

Neurofuse and OptiMind are two of the nootropic stacks readers see promoted most often online. But which stack is more effective? Our testers have reviewed both, and while broad-spectrum nootropic stacks are often similar, we clearly preferred Neurofuse to OptiMind. Read on to see why, along with what we thought about both supplements.

Neurofuse vs OptiMind: What’s Similar About These Stacks

Neurofuse Supplement ReviewBoth of these supplements contain a pretty broad array of nootropic ingredients, including adaptogens (they both share bacopa as an ingredient), B and D vitamin complexes (though in different forms), Phosphatidylserine, vinpocetine, and huperzine A. These are broad-spectrum stacks, meaning they can potentially boost cognition, focus, and energy through a variety of compounds and processes in the brain and body. Both nootropic stacks contain proprietary blends, meaning the manufacturer doesn’t release exact dosages of some ingredients , often in order to protect their formula from competitors.

What’s Different Between These Nootropic Supplements

OptiMindWhile they share the above ingredients, Neurofuse and OptiMind have some significant differences in their formulas. One major difference is that Neurofuse contains the amino acid l-theanine, which can pair well with caffeine to reduce jitters and increase alertness and focus. OptiMind contains caffeine but does not appear to contain l-theanine. This may account for why our testers experienced some significant jitters when taking OptiMind, even at the recommended dosage.

Neurofuse also contains rhodiola rosea, and additional adaptogen with few (if any) clinical side effects. Rhodiola can have anti-fatigue properties in both mental and physical capacities.

OptiMind also lacks a choline-containing compound, even though several of its ingredients are involved in choline metabolism within the brain. Neurofuse contains choline in the form of choline-bitartrate.

Learn More About Neurofuse and OptiMind

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