FOCUSfactor vs. Multivitamin: Is There a Difference?

by Wesley S

FOCUSfactor labelWhen you look at the label of FOCUSfactor, you’ll see a long (LONG) list of ingredients that looks more like a standard multivitamin than targeted nootropic/brain supplement. And in reality, it’s probably more like the former than the latter; though a popular nootropic, FOCUSfactor is — in our opinion — a multivitamin in disguise. The manufacturer doesn’t release exact amounts for most of the nootropic ingredients in the stack, which means it’s tough to determine whether there’s enough of anything to make a difference in focus, concentration, and mental energy.

Read our full FOCUSfactor review here.

What We Thought of FOCUSfactor

Overall, our testers found FOCUSfactor to be pretty mild, and if anything, it’s a beginner-facing nootropic formula that probably won’t change your day-to-day productivity all that much. It pairs okay with coffee if you take it in the morning, but there’s an additional downside: FOCUSfactor has a large serving size at 4+ pills, meaning it can cause upset stomach in some people, especially when you take it without food.

For these and several other reasons, FOCUSfactor is currently rated toward the bottom half of all the nootropics our reviewers have tested in our Ultimate Guide to Nootropic Stacks.

FOCUSfactor Alternatives

FOCUSfactor by Synergy CHC CorpIf you’re looking for something beginner friendly that our testers found to have a positive effect on mental energy and cognition (that’s also caffeine-free, like FOCUSfactor), consider one of the following. We found each to be very beginner friendly and relatively easy to assess tolerance with. They were also fairly easy to time and take with or without food, though with food normally enhances absorption; this is especially true if the supplement contains a fat-soluble ingredient like bacopa:

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