FOCUS by Noots Review: Nootropic Game Changer or Same Old?

by Wesley S

Noots is a relatively new company in the nootropic space, and they claim to provide personalized nootropic recommendations based on an extensive questionnaire available online. Noots also claims to use the answers in the questionnaires, coupled with feedback from stack users, to constantly improve and tweak their formulas. The Australian company is committed to using only GRAS ingredients (Generally Recognized as Safe) and has launched with two stacks available internationally: FOCUS and FOCUS.

Today, we’ll be reviewing FOCUS, a caffeine-free supplement headlined by piracetam and other common nootropic ingredients; Noots markets it as a supplement designed boost motivation, energy, and engagement. Read below to see what the BrainWiz testers thought of Noots’ FOCUS nootropic.


  • Piracetam, 500 mg
  • ALCAR, 300 mg
  • Theacrine, 50 mg
  • Theanine, 100 mg
  • NALT, 100 mg
  • Total Blend, 1050 mg


A related compound to to GABA, piracetam is in many ways the grandfather of nootropic compounds and the hallmark of the “-racetam” class that includes oxiracetam (found in truBrain, for example) and others. It’s a nootropic compound shown to improve learning, memory, brain metabolism, and capacity. It works by enhancing the fluidity of cellular membranes and optimizing blood flow to the brain and optimizing acetylcholine function. It’s worth noting FOCUS contains no choline source itself, which seems like a bit of an omission on the part of the manufacturer.

ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine)

ALCAR is designed to easily cross the brain-blood barrier, and it functions as a mitochondrial energy optimizer. Continuous use of ALCAR may increase certain neurotransmitter levels in the brain, and may be useful in combating depression.


Theacrine is  used in FOCUS for its caffeine-like properties, without the jitteriness (supposedly). Studies show it may also improve mood and decrease irritability.


A calming amino acid, l-theanine has been shown to enhance the effects of caffeine while reducing the jitters some people experience with caffeine consumption. This caffeine/l-theanine ratio is common in nootropic supplements, and though FOCUS is a caffeine free stack, the user may still benefit from theanine’s calming effects.

NALT  (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)

L-Tyrosine is linked to improving cognitive performance under conditions of stress, and the compound has been shown to actually reduce symptoms of stress itself, likely because it is involved in the production of dopamine.

Other ingredients: No other ingredients are listed for Noots’ FLOW stack, but the supplement is labeled as vegetarian, gluten free, and non-gmo.

Usage Guidelines

Simply take a single capsule an hour or so before you want to get in the zone, ideally with a meal or shake, to make sure it absorbs well.

What Our Testers Say

FOCUS from Noots
3.5 / 5 Score
  • Focus boost
  • Easy to take
  • Varied ingredients
  • Cons
  • Too mild for some
  • No choline source
  • Summary
    FOCUS from Noots is a mild, caffeine-free stack that generally lived up to its name and paired well with coffee and some other nootropics among our testers. We did note the lack of a choline source in the stack, which seems like a glaring omission.
    Beginner Friendly

    “I tried this both with and without coffee. It’s not a big energy booster, but it did help me, well, focus a bit. I’m a big fan of the theanine and caffeine combination, so one FOCUS pill, along with a cup of coffee, was the best combination for me. I did feel quite focused, but this feels more of a supplement I would reach for when I have big pile of work to push through. I do wish this had a choline source, as I’ve had some friends and other testers who experience headaches when taking racetam-class compounds without sufficient choline.”

    “I took this with my pre-workout in the morning, and felt pretty good. I have had good experiences using ALCAR with my pre-workouts, and this was no different. I will have to try it during the day at work, and I will continue using it in conjunction with my pre-workout. I don’t think I felt much from the piracetam, though some compounds in that class don’t always work for me or give me any perceptible benefit.”

    “Although this is not the most potent supplement I have tried, I do like it stacked with coffee. I used it a couple of times in addition to adaptogens like rhodiola to help me get through an inordinate pile of work, and will keep it in the rotation for it when work volume gets out of hand. Like Alexandra, I wondered why they didn’t include a choline source in the supplement.”

    “Piracetam isn’t very effective for some people, but when I take it with theanine, it seems to be a good combination for me. There was a wave of concentration, and there was no jitteriness or anxiety associated with it, though it wasn’t a particularly ‘powerful’ stack in my opinion.”

    BrainWiz Tips

    • Take it with food for better absorption.
    • Noots could be well suited for those with a caffeine sensitivity, though it does contain compounds that can have stimulatory effects.
    • It pairs well with coffee or other caffeinated drinks.
    • FOCUS gave us a mild energy wave. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid taking it less than six hours before bed.

    Supplement Summary

    Out testers generally felt positive effects from the FOCUS nootropic, to varying degrees. If you are an experienced nootropic user, this may not be strong enough for you. We also noticed the lack of a quality choline source in the supplement, which we generally like to see included when paired with racetams and related compounds. If it weren’t for that, it could be a solid entry-level stack, as well as a good addition to an already existing nootropic supplement regimen that contains adaptogens (at least in our experience).

    With two stacks currently in the market, and two more slated to be released soon, we are interested to see how more of Noots’ formulas compare to FOCUS.

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