FLOW by Noots Review: Is it a Smoother State of Mind?

by Wesley S

Update: Noots has rebranded as “Hapi”. You can go to gethapi.com.au to learn more about their product, FLOW.

Noots is an Australia-based nootropics company that’s recently hit the American market with FOCUS and FLOW. Their FLOW supplement is an all-natural, caffeine-free nootropic designed to help users “stay in the zone.” While there are no ground-breaking ingredients in this stack, Noots stands behind their “super-safe, well-researched, high-efficacy cognitive-enhancement” stacks. Read on to find out what our testers had say in our full FLOW review.

Want to know what we thought about Noots’ other product? Check out our review of their FOCUS supplement.


  • Bacopa monnieri: 200 mg
  • Rhodiola rosea: 250 mg
  • ALCAR: 250 mg
  • Theacrine: 100 mg
  • Theanine: 100 mg
  • NALT: 100 mg

Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is an adaptogenic herb used in Ayurveda as a revitalizer, cognitive booster, and stress reliever. Tests show the positive effects the herb can have on memory and free recall.

Rhodiola rosea

An adaptogenic herb with anti-fatigue (both mental and physical) properties, rhodiola is one of the most common “natural” nootropic ingredients in brain enhancing supplements. Read more about why rhodiola rosea is so popular and why it has so few reported side effects here.

ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine)

Synthesized from methionine and lysine, ALCAR is designed to easily cross the brain-blood barrier, and it functions as a mitochondrial energy optimizer. Continuous use of ALCAR, can increase certain neurotransmitter levels in in the brain, and may be useful in combating depression.


An alkaloid derived from the Camellia Kucha plant, theacrine has been shown to improve mood while decreasing irritability.


A calming amino acid, l-theanine has been shown to enhance the effects of caffeine while reducing the jitters some people experience with caffeine consumption.

NALT (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)

L-Tyrosine is well-linked to improving cognitive performance under conditions of stress, and the compound has been shown to actually reduce symptoms of stress itself, likely because it is involved in the production of dopamine.

Other ingredients: No other ingredients are listed, but the stack is labeled as vegetarian, gluten free, and non-gmo.

Usage Guidelines

Consume 1 capsule daily with food. Do not exceed more than 2 capsules within 24 hours

What Our Testers Say

FLOW by Noots
3.9 / 5 Score
  • Jitter free
  • Good w/coffee
  • Clear dosing
  • Good focus
  • Cons
  • Mild for some
  • Not fast acting
  • Summary
    Noots' FLOW supplement was better for our testers than their FOCUS supplement on almost all accounts. In this stack, it seems like the adaptogenic combo of bacopa and rhodiola proved more effective for us than piracetam, which is the main ingredient difference between the two.
    Beginner Friendly

    “I’m not sure if it had something to do with the fact that I’ve been exhausted, but I feel like I got some really good night’s sleep while testing FLOW. The daytime effects were nice, but pretty mild. It paired well with my usual coffee consumption, so that’s a big plus. ”

    “I took FLOWwith breakfast, after my morning workouts, and I did experience a nice wave of clean energy through the day. I also noticed that I had no problems focusing on the task at hand, and did not experience an afternoon crash, while testing this product. The effects are subtle, but definitely present. I generally prefer it to FOCUS from Noots.”

    “FLOW is a mild, but (I thought) high-quality supplement. The supplement was a great addition to my usual coffee, and I felt present without any anxiety. I will definitely keep this around, for ”˜easier’ days. ”

    “I really liked this product, and the energy I got from it (no jitters, like the manufacturer claimed – thought not a HUGE or QUICK rush of energy). My caffeine sensitivity sometimes limits the kind of products I can take on a daily basis, but I took this for a whole week, and felt alert, focused, and in control. ”

    BrainWiz Tips

    • Take it with food for better absorption. It’s caffeine free, but FLOW may have some stimulatory effects, so start slow and work up to a full dose.
    • It seems well suited for those with a caffeine sensitivity.
    • A potential “everyday” nootropic stack as opposed to energy on demand.
    • It pairs well with coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

    Supplement Summary

    All of our testers experienced increased levels of energy and focus while testing Noots’ FLOW supplement. One tester also experienced more restful sleep, but could not directly link it to the nootropic.

    Overall, FLOW is a solid caffeine-free supplement that seems to be produced with quality in mind. We are looking forward to testing out the next two products slated for release by Noots: DOZE, a sleep supplement, and LIFT, a workout enhancer.

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    1. I’d like to buy this, where can I find it online to purchase in the US?
      The current site only ships to Australia. Thanks!

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