My 30 Day Experience Using Mind Lab Pro

by Dan

Very rarely do I stumble upon a nootropic that does every single thing its advertising/marketing claims. That’s exactly what happened when I found Mind Lab Pro.

Upon first reviewing this nootropic, I was very happy with my initial results. Instead of completely stopping using it after the review period was over (one week) I actually decided to continue to use it for a full 30 days. It was after using it for a longer period of time that I was able to discover even more benefits that I initially missed in my first review.

This is my 30 day experience using Mind Lab Pro…

Week 1

If you haven’t already, I suggest you read my full initial review of Mind Lab Pro. I go into depth on the ingredients, packaging, and much more. I also describe what it was like taking it for the first 7 days.

To summarize, I started the first day with half a dose. This is because I like to be careful when it comes to new supplements. I felt an initial cognitive boost (increase in mental clarity, verbal intelligence, and extended focus). As the week continued, I upped by dosage to the recommended daily amount. That is when I really saw the most benefits. My productivity skyrocketed and I was much less likely to take a break in the day because my mental stamina was at its highest point it has ever been.

The Mind Lab Pro website has a headline that says, “Imagine your brain firing on all cylinders.” In my experience, it’s true. This nootropic really did help me feel as though my brain was working as efficiently as possible but without the jittery effect of caffeine.

Week 2

As I continued to take Mind Lab Pro through the second week, I thought there would come a point in time when I would need to cycle off of it. This is because after extended use, many supplements need to be cycled off so that your body does not form a tolerance to the ingredients. For whatever reason, I did not need to cycle off of Mind Lab Pro in the second week. To me, this is very surprising because I had been taking other supplements prior to starting Mind Lab Pro with some of the same ingredients.

Week 2 seemed about the same as week 1 in terms of perceived effects. However, there was one day where I had to pull an “all nighter”. I’m not the type of person who does well on little sleep. In fact, I usually crash at about 1am regardless of my sleep patterns. Knowing that I was going to need to stay up for 24 hours, I took one Mind Lab Pro in the morning and one at about 4pm. This allowed the effects to be more sustained throughout the day and night. What happened was pretty incredible… I didn’t crash at 1am. In fact, I was able to work painlessly until about 6:30am. It was then that I started to fade.

I did combine Mind Lab Pro with some caffeine at around 1am to help give me an extra boost. And while the caffeine may have given me a little extra energy, I truly believe that it was the Mind Lab Pro that allowed me to focus all the way through the night (and morning).

Week 3

This week I was sure that I would need to cycle off of Mind Lab Pro. Again, I was wrong. I had yet to build up a tolerance to the ingredients and I kept chugging along with the same amount of focus and productivity levels I had the first week of taking it.

What’s more is that I thought that I might have seen some side effects of using Mind Lab Pro for a more extended period of time. Nope, nothing came up. I was sleeping a bit deeper (which may or may not have been because of the supplement) but that was all I noticed in terms of additional side effects.

One of the most notable positive effects of taking Mind Lab Pro this week occurred when I least expected it. I had been preparing for a big presentation for work. The morning of the presentation I took Mind Lab Pro as I normally had been every morning and thought nothing of it. Now let’s fast forward to later in the day when I have to give a big presentation. I usually run through a presentation with a few “ums” and “ahs”. This is just my mouth trying to catch up with my brain. However, this presentation was much different. My thoughts and the words coming out of my mouth meshed perfectly. I was in awe of how succinct and efficient my speaking was. Everything I was saying in the presentation with clear, to the point, and without any hesitation. This may have been from my preparation but it was certainly helped by taking Mind Lab Pro.

Week 4

It was during the last week of the month (after taking Mind Lab Pro for 23 straight days) that I started to notice a tolerance build up. Around the 24th day I noticed that the “pep” that I felt in the mornings after taking it after breakfast wasn’t the same. So I decided to take three days off (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). On Monday, I took a regular serving and felt the full effects again.

I’m actually surprised that the tolerance took so long to build up. I’ve taken vitamins and supplements before that have needed to be cycled much more often than Mind Lab Pro. For that, I am incredibly thankful. It might be the awesome ingredients, the potency, or the fact that my body just doesn’t build a tolerance to Mind Lab Pro as easy.

Final Thoughts

I would say, hands down, that Mind Lab Pro is one of my favorite nootropics. Not only does it do what it advertises itself as doing but it does it in the best way possible. What does this mean? Mind Lab Pro uses clean ingredients. That means zero artificial colors, zero preservatives, no GMO’s, no gluten, no additives, and (my favorite) no caffeine.

Watch my in-depth review above.

If you have any specific questions about Mind Lab Pro, feel free to check out my full FAQ post about the most common questions I’ve heard asked about Mind Lab Pro.

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