The Athlete’s Brain: Interviewing Jason Phillips of Driven Performance Labs

by brainwiz

It’s been a big year for the folks over at Driven Performance Labs. After a rebrand (they were previously known as Dynamic Nutrition), the supplement maker/nutritional consulting company released new products while boosting marketing and hype around current offerings. The lineup now includes performance and adrenal support (Max Adrenal), pre-workouts that can double as nootropics (Max Capacity, Max Perform), and the fitness world’s favorite sleep supplement, Max Sleep.

Jason Phillips Driven Performance Labs

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We sat down with DPL President Jason Phillips to talk about where his company is headed, the approach they take, and why fitness professionals need to pay special attention to the world of nootropics.

1. Driven Performance Labs is more than a supplement company. Tell us about what all you guys do and how that influences the products you develop.

DPL is more than a supplement company, it’s truly a lifestyle brand. In addition to supplements, we COACH individuals on their nutrition. I emphasize the word coach, as I truly feel we are the only one’s in the industry that work closely enough with our clients to GUARANTEE results. All of our clients are remote, but have full access to us 24/7 via text and email, its an unprecedented level of access.

As a company we consult with nearly 1000 individuals, and are able to begin recognizing trends in the industry, and gaps in the products available to our clients. This obviously shows us a need, which we subsequently fill with QUALITY formulas. Max Adrenal and Max Capacity are great examples of this.

Driven Performance Labs Products

2. How did you get involved in the nutritional space? How’d you get involved with Driven Performance Labs?

I have been consulting with people for 11 years now.  To make a long story short, I overcame an eating disorder and have done everything in my power to pay it forward and properly educate the world on proper nutrition.

As for DPL its pretty simple, I saw a need, and took action  As mentioned above, I take the results of my clients very seriously, so if that means building my own supplements then I’m ok with that.  It just so happened that A LOT of people really liked them 🙂

3. You guy just went through a pretty big rebrand. Why now?

The name Dynamic is one that my business partner has had for a long time. It was originally the name that he used as a parent company for his consulting, and was never meant to be the parent name of a large supplement company.  As we began seeing rapid growth, we knew we needed something that truly represented who we are and what we are about:

DRIVEN – the one word that truly describes who we are as people
PERFORMANCE – what we fuel
LABS – in science, results are created in the lab

4. A lot of companies will release a boatload of supplements in various versions all at once. Your product releases have been more gradual, and your catalog is still pretty narrow. Do you think you approach research and development different than other supplement companies? If so, how?

Plain and simple, I never want to be a “me too” brand. Our products are strategically designed to truly fill a gap, or meet the needs of an individual. Let’s also be honest: As a start up I don’t have the purchasing power to make a HIGH QUALITY protein without charging a fortune. I’ll let the big guys play that game, and I’ll continue to completely change the game.

5. Your target market has so far been CrossFitters and strength athletes. Do you see that changing? Why that focus?

I’m not sure this was ever the intent, but it sure has played out this way. As a savvy person, I would be crazy to say that I ever want to limit myself to one niche, but as a fan of CrossFit and someone that actively CrossFits several times weekly I have to continue to support it. The products that are currently in formulation are a bit more diverse, but will absolutely have an application in both the mixed modal and strength arenas.

6. What can athletes get out of nootropics that others can’t?

I’m not sure they truly get anything more, but they may use it more. Nootropics (or any CNS related product) will always help athletes that need to perform at a high level. CNS [Central Nervous System] recovery is the most overlooked part of nutrition, training, and supplementation, so when used properly, these products are game changing.

7. What’s next for Driven Performance Labs? Any new supplements in the pipeline?

Thats the million dollar question, isn’t it? While I won’t divulge too much information, I will say that our next product will revolutionize both the number of carbs an athlete can take in, and how they utilize them. Carbs are ESSENTIAL to performance and recovery, so this product will be game changing!

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