14 Best Fidget Toys To Keep Your Mind Focused

by Dan

What is fidgeting?

Whether it’s tapping your foot on the ground or playing with your pen, we all have a tendency to fidget once and a while. Fidgeting could be a symptom of boredom, inability to focus, or even ADHD. Regardless, you may be wondering, “Why do I have the urge to fidget?” The truth is, as human beings, we aren’t meant to be still. While we are awake, our brains want to be stimulated. We want to move and experience new things. However, modern life has a tendency to keep us in one place, usually at a desk working. Fidgeting is a release from these boring, mundane tasks that our minds tend to hate.

The truth is, fidgeting is good for you. In addition to keeping your mind slightly stimulated, it also keeps your muscles stimulated as well. What’s more, fidgeting doesn’t only stimulate your mind and muscles, but it actually may help keep you focused. A 2015 study found that students with ADHD were more focused when they were allowed to fidget at their desks.

The Best Fidget Toys

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to fidgeting. If you’re looking to take your fidget game to the next level, you’re in the right place. Below we have outlined the best fidget toys to keep your mind stimulated and help you have fun in boring, mundane, and even stressful situations.

1. The Ultimate Fidget Rings

If you’re a fidgeter, you probably want something that you’ll easily be able to put in your pocket and play with during lulls in your day. The Ultimate Fidget Rings are perfect for that.

This fidget toy has eight aluminum rollers and is connected by two different metal rings. What’s great about this fidget toy is that you can play with it in a variety of different ways. Some may find it soothing it roll it around in their hand, while others may flip it between their fingers. Unlike a lot of fidget toys on the market, this is one of the rarer ones that also improves your dexterity.

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2. Galactic Globe

While not as small as other fidget toys, the Galactic Globe (sometimes called a “Toroflux”) certainly is just as fun.

If you’re looking at it, you may be a bit confused as to how it works but it’s actually pretty simple. You put the rings on your arm and let gravity slide it up or down. Based on some people have said in their reviews, this is one of the best big fidget toys you can purchase. Apparently the sensation of it going down your arm is unlike anything else.

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3. The Friendly Swede Egg Shaped Hand Exercise Ball

Another odd-looking fidget toy, these hand exercise balls actually work perfectly for fidgeters.

The Friendly Swede Egg Shaped Hand Exercise Ball comes with three, different colored balls. Each of them have a different firmness. They can be used in a variety of different ways. Some people use them during stressful situations and squeeze them, while others use them for dexterity exercises when they’re bored.

This fidget toy may be a bit harder to keep in your pocket so I recommend only purchasing it if you want to keep it at your desk or home.

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4. Freddy’s Fidget Toys

This might be one of the most versatile fidget toys on the market. With Freddy’s Fidget Toys, you have a lot of options for how you can use it. In fact, it really comes down to your imagination.

The toy is weaved together to make a long cylindrical shape with a mushy ball sewn inside. While it may seem a bit confusing as to how this may work as a fidget toy, its reviews have been astounding. Many parents have successfully used this toy to keep their autistic children calmer. One woman found that by giving this fidget toy to her son, he stopped biting his nails so much because Freddy’s Fidget Toy kept his hands busy.

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5. Tri Spinner Fidget Toy

One of the most popular fidget toys available these days is the Tri Spinner. This toy comes in a variety of different styles and is made by a lot of different fidget toy companies. However, the one we’ve linked to here is known for being the most reliable and best reviewed (that we’ve seen).

Here’s how it works. There are three bearings that stick out, giving it the “tri” in its name. In the center there is one main bearing. You hold the spinner with your thumb and pointer finger and use another finger to give it a spin. Amazingly, this spinner will keep going for a few minutes. The best part is it spins quietly. That means if you’re sitting in class or at a meeting at work, you can fidget away without anyone knowing.

What’s more is that the Tri Spinner fits perfectly in your pocket so you can take it with you anywhere.

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6. EDC Spinning Top

Unlike other fidget toys, which require you to be holding them to use them, the EDC Spinning Top is exactly what its name implies — a spinning top.

This fidget toy is perfect for those who don’t exactly like to fidget with their hands but still want to keep their brain occupied during periods of boredom during the day. What’s great about this spinning top is that it connects to your keychain so you don’t have to worry about keeping it with you or losing it (unless you lose your keys).

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7. Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget Toy

Also called a Monkey Ring, the Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget Toy works much like other smaller fidget toys in that you can roll it around in your hands of around your fingers. However, like the Galactic Globe, it gives users an extra level of stimulation by adding a “spiky” sensation when played with.

These fidget toys can be played with in a variety of different ways. Go ahead and twist, pull, squeeze, or toss them around. They are incredibly durable.

Based on reviews, these fidget toys have been very helpful in classroom settings. One reviewer stated that they work as a school administrator and deal with children that have ADHD on a regular basis. They use the Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget Toy as a means to help those children sit and listen for extended periods of time.

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8. KCHKUI Fidget Cube

You may be familiar with this fidget toy from going viral after its Kickstarter campaign launched. Today there are tons of different types of fidget cubes available, all helping solve peoples fidgeting issues. Why this fidget toy made this list is simple, it can be used in tons of different ways. You’ll notice that it’s a cube, giving it six sides. Each six of those sides provides you with a different fidget activity. No other fidget toy comes close to the versatility of this fidget cube.

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9. Pencil Set with Fidgets

If your child is a fidgeter, it could be a big distraction to others. Teachers or friends may have made comments about their behavior. If trying to calm their fidgeting behavior hasn’t worked, you may have to compromise. This pencil set is the perfect way to do that.

On the end of each of these pencils, you will see there are plastic screws, nuts, and bolts that can be fidgeted with during school. This helps keep their mind occupied while they sit in an environment where they may not want to be sitting in. Many reviewers are parents of children who have ADHD and have found this fidget toy to be very helpful in keeping their kids from acting up while in class.

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10. Spiky Slap Bracelets

Much like the Spiky Sensory Rings, these bracelets work in a similar way. You can put them on your wrist, push them around, or do really anything you’d like with them. The thing that makes this fidget toy a bit different than the others is that it is also a slap bracelet. If you aren’t familiar with slap bracelets, the work like this. First you make the bracelet rigid by making it straight. Then you slap it against your wrist. The action of slapping will make the bracelet curl onto your wrist. It’s fun to do and can add to the fidget experience.

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11. Spiral Glitter Wand

This may be one of the more unique fidget toys you’ll see. That is because it looks more like a magic wand than anything else. If you aren’t the type of person who likes to fidget with your hands but you get stimulation from visually fidgeting, this is the perfect fidget toy for you. The Spiral Glitter Wand works by moving it in different directions. It’s hollow, transparent, and filled with liquid and glitter. Moving it makes different fun patterns that will keep you occupied for hours on end. This fidget toy is perfect for younger kids, who you don’t want to give small fidget toys to for fear of choking on.

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12. Tangle Jr. Fidget Toys

The main reason people use fidget toys is to keep their mind occupied. Based on the fidget toy, they provide different levels of stimulation. The Tangle Jr. Fidget toy provides kids with a much higher level of stimulation that should keep their mind almost 100% focused on the toy. This is because it comes iv various different pieces, which can be reworked into different ways, stretched out, and more. While this toy isn’t best to send a child to school with, it would be great for long car rides or any other time where the child would need to be quiet and occupied for long periods of time.

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13. Pull and Stretch Bounce Ball

Much like the Friendly Swede Egg Balls, these stretchy bounce balls work in much the same way. However, these fidget toys are meant to be played with, unlike the Friendly Swede Egg Balls, which are more for stress fidgeting.

These balls are made from a material that allows them to stretch, be squeezed, and be thrown without breaking. This fidget toy is perfect for children and adults of all ages. Because it is so simple, it can be used in a variety of different ways and even stuck in your pocket for use on the go.

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14. Monkey Stringy Balls

While not always marketed as fidget toys, these Monkey String Balls are probably the most widely known fidget toys on the market. That is because they have been around for a long time. Unlike the other ball fidget toys, these are meant to be thrown around from hand to hand. You can also pull, squeeze, and spin them. What makes them a bit different to play with than the other ball-shaped fidget toys is that they have a different sensation when touched. It’s something that has to be experienced to understand.

Perfect for any age, this fidget toy can also be put in your pocket for use on the go, at work, or even at school.

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