Why More Entrepreneurs Are Turning To Science Backed Brain Supplements

by Alexandra R

More business owners, innovators, and hard working professionals are turning to brain supplements (also called nootropics) in order to gain a mental edge. But this isn’t the movie Limitless. Nothing will give you superpowers, but many of these supplements are all natural, backed by research, and completely legal, certain ingredients may even promote brain health.

Below are five reasons entrepreneurs are supplementing to work a little bit smarter every day.

1. They’re easy to take and help prepare your brain for stressful work and tasks.

Images of mad scientists or drug-crazed hippies don’t describe these supplements. Many are lab-tested and sourced from natural ingredients. Completely legal and made under stringent manufacturing standards, these are hardly black-market mystery pills. And quick-metabolizing ingredients mean they give you a clarity boost from day one.

2. Ingredients like Cognizine promote neuron health and neurotransmitter function.

The brain is one of the least-understood organs, though more and more research is giving us clarity on how our neurons fire and work together. Cognizine is one ingredient that’s been shown to protect and promote neuron function, and expect more research to come soon on this popular ingredient.

3. Natural herbs like Huperzine A boost brain function and performance.

Actual lab science exists to back the effectiveness of ingredients found in many popular nootropics. And several trials show a boost in users who use smart supplements as compared to control groups. These are supplements we wish we’d had for our SATs.

4. They’re proven to increase alertness and mental clarity.

Controlled trials on users taking popular nootropics suggest increased alertness and feelings of clarity. Stress won’t ever be fun, but a focused head can help entrepreneurs tackle even the most abstract problem, including supply chain issues or hiring big teams effectively.

5. Completely legal with value trial periods.

Are smart supplements right for everyone? Probably not. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer heavily discounted trials so you can try them out for yourself. It helps users shop around and compare from a growing variety of available supplements with increasingly researched ingredients.

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