Who Is Nootrobox, the Company Behind RISE, SPRINT, YAWN, and More?

by Chad M

Like other Silicon Valley startups, Nootrobox is a California company with big-name backers and a lot of ambition. But unlike their digital-based counterparts, the company is focused on producing the next generation of brain enhancement supplements. So far, they’ve been able to get some of the world’s most famous investors onboard with their vision, to the tune of $2 million+ in funding.

Nootrobox Nootropic Supplements

The company manufacturers a line of science-backed nootropics that include the adaptogen and choline-rich RISE, caffeine-containing SPRINT, and sleep-boosting YAWN.

Our testers have generally liked these supplements, which are among the most consistent we’ve reviewed. (Read our reviews for RISE and SPRINT, and find out what our testers thought about each supplement.)

Who Founded Nootrobox?

Nootrobox was founded by Geoffrey Woo and Michael Brandt, both Stanford graduates with degrees in Computer Science. Woo serves as CEO, while Brandt serves as COO. Read our interview with Geoffrey Woo here.

The company’s two “Medicine & Science” staff members are Sumeet Sharma and Robert Chen, both MD/PhD candidates. It’s important to note that while these employees have impressive pedigrees, it doesn’t seem like Nootrobox has and full PhDs or medical doctors on staff at this time. We anticipate that may change in the near future as the company grows its research branch.

Investors in Nootrobox include Andreessen Horowitz, Marissa Mayer, Mark Pincus, Dr. Connie Chen, and Keven Chou.

SPRINT by Nootrobox

What Makes Nootrobox Different?

And Nootrobox seems to have a heavy focus on quality; the company states they’re focus is squarely on “safe, long-term cognitive enhancement.” Nootrobox is also very transparent when it comes to ingredient labeling and dosage; none of their supplements contain “proprietary” blends or mystery ingredients, and they list the amounts in each serving. That’s a welcome feature in a space where many brands protect their exact formulations at the expense of the consumer.

YAWN by NootroboxWe’ve reviewed dozens of the most popular nootropic supplements on the market, and Nootrobox’s supps predominantly contain ingredients that have given our testers few, if any, side effects with generally consistent benefits. While their stacks aren’t the most “innovative” on the market, yet, you know what you’re getting, and they’re generally among the first supplements we recommend to beginners looking to test the waters of nootropics and brain enhancement.

Where Is Nootrobox Made?

Currently, it doesn’t seem like the company owns its own manufacturing facilities, though their site’s FAQ claims their supplements are made in FDA-registered and independently audited GMP labs in the United States.

RISE by NootroboxWhat’s in Nootrobox’s Future?

We expect Nootrobox will be using an influx of investment capital to research and scale production for new supplements in their line. A chewable coffee product from the company, GO CUBES, is currently in pre-release after a successful crowd funding campaign.

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