Neurofuse Versus Addium: Which Stack Wins?

by Chad M

Neurofuse and Addium are both broad spectrum nootropic stacks, meaning they each contain a range of ingredients designed to boost memory, cognition, focus, and mental energy. And there are certainly similarities between the two: They share some ingredients, including adaptogenic herbs and choline sources, and they also both contain a stimulant in the form of caffeine.

Neurofuse vs Addium

Yet comparing the two based purely on the label is difficult, because both include “proprietary blends” that don’t reveal the exact dosage of everything included. (Read more about proprietary blends and what they really mean a few sections below.)

Neurofuse BottleOverall, our testers liked Neurofuse, and it’s currently one of our top-rated nootropics. We found its effects to be consistent, and the main criticism is that the ideal dosage will vary from person to person, so we recommend starting with just one capsule to assess tolerance. Most of our testers feel increased energy when using Neurofuse, in addition to better productivity and focus, along with a higher tolerance of stress. The amount of caffeine is unlisted, but we found it to feel comparable to a cup or two of regular coffee.

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Addium, on the other hand, had our testers feeling all sorts of jitters, even with the minimum dosage of one capsule. Instead of prolonged focus and productivity, the days we tested Addium tended to result in energy crashes. We’re not sure of the exact ingredient doses in this stack, but whatever they are, they simply didn’t work that well for us, especially compared to other broad spectrum stacks. If you’re very sensitive to caffeine, this might be one to avoid.

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Want Something Without a Proprietary Blend?

Nootrobox productsMany nootropic and brain supplement manufacturers use proprietary blends to protect their exact formulas, meaning the specific dosages of some ingredients aren’t listed on the label. Some of our favorite nootropics, and some of the world’s most popular, do this, including Neurofuse and Alpha BRAIN. While we like both, we understand some people prefer a more transparent option or want to know exactly how much of each ingredient they’re taking.

Nootrobox, which just raised $2 million in venture capital funding, is a company that insists upon listing full ingredient amounts on each label. Currently, the company produces the daily nootropic stack RISE, the caffeine-containing SPRINT, a sleep supplement called YAWN, and “chewable” coffee called GOCUBES. Learn more about Nootrobox and the ethos behind their company and supplements in our interview with Nootrobox co-founder Geoffrey Woo. Nootrobox’s RISE supplement (full RISE review here) is one of our top-rated nootropic stacks that doesn’t contain stimulants like caffeine.

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